Monthly Archives: April 2020

Be Diligent, not just careful.

I propose we replace “be careful” with “be diligent” in our greetings.

It seems there’s a common thought (or non-thought) out there that these orders for social distancing will magically curb this virus.
Bad new folks: It doesn’t work that way.
What will curb the virus?
Following the orders!! We have to actually do it.

I saw a driveway filled with visitors last night, and a small crowd sitting around in lawn-chairs.
I read a question this morning asked publicly if its acceptable to invite a now-unemployed salon worker over to provide a hair-cut. “My hair is getting long, and I’ll provide a mask if it makes anyone feel safer.”

We’ve seen a lot of the “Facts Not Fear” sentiment, and that sounds nice, but I’m beginning to think a little more fear might be helpful. Surely keep adding to the facts, but a healthy dose of justified fear can be a powerful motivator to do the right thing.

Maybe you’re low risk, or think you are. It’s true that many of the infected may never know it or experience illness.

My wife is not low risk, for a couple reasons, and we’re especially motivated to keep ourselves distanced.
What happens when a high risk patient is infected and requires hospitalization? You wave goodbye, quite possibly for the last time, and they spend the rest of their time here alone, without you, slowly suffocating, attended to by faceless and overworked healthcare workers.

A little fear is not always a bad thing.