I have plenty to say about each of the companies with which I work.  I have expressed for years how excited I’ve been to work so closely with each of them.  We’ve worked with others, but the pragmatism, honesty, and forthrightness, the overall level of service, the craftsmanship, the value, and… the ride for each selected material choice, have proven so phenomenal over the years, that we need to consider my commentary a work in progress.


Calfee Design

Craig Calfee’s team has been pioneering the manufacture of some of the world’s sweetest-riding composite bicycles for… well, longer than most.  They’re reliable, they’re durable, they’re repairable, and the ride and performance are like none other.  I’ve ridden a lot of carbon bikes, some with millions’ worth of R&D behind them.  Craig does his own research and testing.  I’ve seen it firsthand, and as of the time of this writing I have never ridden another carbon fibre bike that had such an exquisite balance of comfort, snap, security, and thrill.

Note too, in addition to building frames from bamboo and other natural fibers, and fascinating philanthropic projects, Calfee has earned well-deserved recognition as a repair center for nearly all makes of bicycles made from carbon fibre.  Indeed we are an authorized Calfee Carbon Repair Service dealer.  This means you can bring to me your broken carbon frame and I will address all your service needs, including making the arrangments for Calfee’s repair work.


Waterford Precision Cycles

Waterford claims to have “The Ride.”  I can personally testify, they indeed do have it.  They’ve nailed it, long ago, and it only gets better.  Go ahead, ask me.


Seven Cycles

We have worked with Seven for many years, since August of 1998, only about 1.5 years after both HubBub and Seven were founded.  Their service is unparalleled.  The extent of care for quality of materials, perfect fit, and communicating the importance of fit and comfort’s contribution to performance is overwhelming once you ride your own bike.  I can cite so many reasons for why Seven is able to build frames to the level of perfection they do.  One of the main reasons, however, that we have always felt Seven Cycles was such an exceptional fit for us (and, therefore, you) was the surprisingly perfect match between Seven’s philosophies about custom bicycle building, and what custom entails, and the principles with which HubBub was founded.  We have always agreed upon so much, so easily, so effortlessly.  How could the bikes not turn out… so perfectly?  They do.


Gunnar Bikes

Gunnar is a pretty cool concept.  It’s Waterford’s basic value line of high quality bicycle frames made of steel.  It’s no frills, with basic paint options, mostly stock geometry, and an impressive array of utility choices.  Gunnar produces an extremely high value (custom is available), and still far superior, in quality and options, to any complete bike I can think of for the same price as a Gunnar frame.